Story Ideas : Get your Creative Juices flowing!!
Here are some ideas for you to help inspire you to write stuff about boats. These are only suggestions and we welcome new and more interesting ideas from you!

If you submit a story, article, poem, song, artwork, picture or experience about boating, you will automatically be entered into our monthly drawing.

How long does it have to be? There is no limit to what you want to write or contribute. Submit as often as you want and EVERYTHING will be published, as long as it agrees with the rules. (Click to read the rules)

~My first time on a boat.
~My most memorable time on the water was...
~My first time fishing.
~When I go aboard the first thing I do is..
~Interesting people I've met on boats.
~My favorite time of the day on a boat.
~My cabin is special to me because...
~My favorite boat is...
~If I could, I would sail to..
~My experience sailing to a different country.
~Neat things you can do on boats.
~My favorite things to take with me on a boat.
~Friends I have made while boating.
~My most exciting time on a boat.
~What boating or sailing has taught me about...

     the environment.

     life in general.


     my family.

     my friends.

~How our dog or cat adapts to living on a boat.
~My experiences cooking on a boat.
~My favorite recipes to cook on board.
~Why I like living on a boat.
~Things I like to do while onboard.
~My favorite place to sail to.
~Things I found while traveling by boat.
~Poems or songs about ...

     the colors of boating.

     the sounds of boating.

     the smells of boating.

     the beauty of the water.

     the beauty of nature.

~People in my life who have taught me about boats or boating.
~I think living on a boat is special because...
~I think sailing with my family is special because...
~How boats have changed me.
~A photo essay about your experiences on a boat.
~Drawings or artwork about places you have been on a boat.
~The biggest fish I ever caught was...
~The most fish I we ever caught was...
~Why I love snorkeling.
~Why I love scuba diving.